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A great challenge: designing the first store in which the brands Vodafone and Ziggo are represented. With the goal to let both brands come to life without the feeling of a shop-in-shop. And show the customer the added value of the combination of Vodafone with Ziggo. The result is a physical store where customers can experience how products and services make life more fun and easy. Take a step in the future and discover the latest innovations and applications.


In addition to the two brands, Vodafone and Ziggo, the store consists of two different moments, namely in-home and outdoor. Outdoor and in-home are designed to be open and accessible so that the customer can experience how the services of the two brands come together in a clear customer journey through the flagship store. The open ceiling gives the room an industrial and modern look, the floor finish, interior design and choice of materials make the store warm and accessible.


The innovative ambition of VodafoneZiggo is clearly visible in the application of store technology in the store design. At the entrance you are welcomed by Pepper, a robot that helps you quickly to find your way in the store. The entire rear panel consists of LED that functions as a dynamic and moving wallpaper. This LED wall, for example, colors along with the rhythm of the day. The digital wallpaper can give the store a totally new experience at any time.


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