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Sakhalin is the largest island in Russia; it’s quite specific, because of its remoteness.  It is difficult for retailers to have a wide range. "Первый семейный" is a idealist, the company wants to improve the lives in the city. Therefore, their idea is to create an ideal store, where people can buy not only products (1st floor), but also FMCG products (2nd floor).


The store is built according to a modern and original design. The area is 2,000 meters (1000 meters for each floor). The store includes a supermarket, FMCG products, a bakery and a cafe.


"Первый семейный" offers fresh food, a huge range of baked goods as well as ready-made solutions (salads, sushi “to go”). Bread and pastries are prepared in a central bakery using Austrian recipes. In the store there is a cafe "Мельница", where you can sit with friends and family over a cup of hot drink.


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