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Özdilek is the worldwide number one in towel and textile production, based in the forth largest city of Turkey: Bursa. The company runs shopping centres, department stores and textile shops as well as some hypermarkets. An ambitious company as Özdilek wants to show leadership and decided to work with JosDeVries to create a completely new store format for their food retail business, in order to reach a leading market position in that field as well.


Most of the retailers in Turkey have not manage to differentiate themselves from each other. Therefore Özdilek saw the opportunity to introduce a new signature in the Turkisch market. Their ambition was to create something unique, which like with their textile business, will create both customer satisfaction and be a differentiation in the Turkish market.


Together with the client, JosDeVries created a new concept, which is a revolution for the Turkish market. The store concept is a composition of a very well managed layout structure, a state-of-the-art store design and a clear communication framework. Especially the layout and the communication framework are unique USP's for Özdilek, and clients have been very appreciative from the first day of opening.


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