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Konzum Croatia has taken over in 2014 one of their major competitors Mercator. Together with this takeover Konzum acquired also some superstore / hypermarket sized stores. One of them was a real flagship store in a typical business and diplomatic area of Zagreb. Konzum recognized, that they will have to make something really special with that store, which needs to be one of it´s kind in the Balkan region. Therefore JosDeVries The Retail Company has been invited to join this project together with the excellent team of Konzum Croatia.


Changed from the traditional approach to start a hypermarket with non-food the new layout is now starting with some of the fresh departments right at the entrance. These fresh departments represent the core competence of Konzum – in these new store they are now even more emphazised. Also in the first third of the routing new ready to eat departments are located, which makes it for the typical grab and go customer easy to buy a quick lunch or dinner. These customers do not need to use the whole store rather they are able to use a short routing. However the regular routing created a smooth flow bringing the customers to all departments, a convenient shopping with a lot of highlights in the food and non-food areas.


The new SuperKonzum is a store, that incorporates three most important elements of an excellent food store: excellence in fresh with surprising interesting food offer, large assortment with a clear focus on food and near food and finally excellence in price with attractive promotions well displayed. Certainly the non-food departments, which cover roughly 40% of the 6500 sqm store, are with also with a lot of new inspirational items. Eg. Seasonal offers are displayed in a special designed container in order to break the normal shelving lines in the the store


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