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The superstore of E. Leclerc / Chaves in Portugal was facing a big challenge. A large part of their superstore burned down. E.Leclerc Chaves wanted to be back in business as soon as possible, of course! A challenge that we accepted and within a record time E. Leclerc could open their doors for customers again.


The fire created the opportunity to create a new lay-out and state-of-the-art store design. An evolution of the existing store. The store is all about fresh experience and has numerous of highlights for customers to enjoy. Customers comment positively on the new layout, stating that it made shopping easier. They also felt like the store looked bigger than it did before. And, least but not least they described the store as ‘beautiful’! A great compliment after a very challeging proces to open the store as soon as possible.


The highlights of the new store are:

- Dry aged beef
- Open bakery and pasteleria
- Extended range of organic product
- Inspiring wine department
- State-of-the-art store design
- Clear routing and navigation


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