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Food / Convenience Store, Food / Flagship Store , Food / Hypermarket, Food / Supermarket , Food / Superstore



In Azerbaijan there is currently a gap in the market. There is a distrust in modern food retail due to a lack of food innovations and consistency in the supply chain and the poor quality of the supermarkets and their high prices. Our client the Pasha group expressed the ambition to claim leadership in food by responding to these gaps in the market and to appeal to the Azeri families by educating the Azeri families in food. Enhancing their daily lives by offering innovative products and food inspiration at affordable prices. 


To enable the Azeri families and to respond to their different shopping needs, JosDeVries is engaged in developing a multi format store portfolio. Supermarkets for convenient fresh daily shopping, superstores for a weekly extended food inspiration and hypermarkets for the monthly full shopping experience.


Based on a clear store layout structure the shoppers easily can find their way through the store in a natural rhythm between convenience and inspiration. The striking fresh departments appeal to all senses with dominant product presentations and full visibility to the preparation and production of food. Enhanced by appealing brand graphics and clear instore communication. The cosmetic department, introducing all best international brands to Azerbeidzjan, attracts as well a lot of attention. The perception of affordable prices is driven by a consistent approach of the ‘good-better-best’ structure in all product presentations in combination with strong focus points of spectacular promotions.


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