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The Netherlands


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Food / Supermarket



MCD is searching for a new and relevant position in the market to escape the price squeeze in the Dutch market. Boon’s Markt is orginal and distinctive. Boon’s markt distinguishes from large national players by a family-based organisation and local involvement. Boon's Markt will solve the paradox of being a smaller local food retailer offering the best fresh for the best price.


Boon’s markt combines distinctive local entrepreneurship with the love for great food. The concept is formed on the principles of the marketplace, there is a fresh market in the center of the store. Boon’s Markt claims to have the best fresh for the best price expressed in the slogan ‘het kan wél!’ (‘It IS possible!’)


Boon’s market makes the difference with the following 5 brand achors: 

  1. Always the best in fresh
  2. Always strong promotions
  3. Always the right price
  4. Always a small moment of happiness
  5. Always responsible and involved

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