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Central Kid’s World in the center of Moscow – is the most famous shopping center for kids was opened at 1957. It became the most important store, where soviet people were buying for their kids clothing, school uniform, shoes, toys, all necessary goods for school. Six years ago it started the full reconstruction of Central Kid’s World. New developed wanted to keep architecture and several icons (clocks, recreation zone, decoration, special ice-cream, fairy tail atmosphere) of Central Kid’s World, but add modern technologies, functionality and famous brands.  Azbuka Vkusa become a one of the key rental partner. The store concept of supermarket were going to be special, adapted for kid’s theme.


End of March 2015 opened brand new Azbuka Vkusa supermarket at Central Kid’s World. 


JosdeVries The Retail Company together with team of Azbuka Vkusa  developed new store concept:

  • Authentic lay-out for adults shoppers and special route for kids.
  • New elements of store design: bright and colorful tiles, surprising design elements – short cut for kids in the shelves, Small shoppers will meet interactive zones “Brokkoli” and “Water Melon”, pink cow. Kid’s can have a look at «back office” and storage of store, can follow special route, collect stickers and get tasty ice-cream
  • For adult shoppers supermarket has 18.000 SKY of delicious products
  • New style of coffee bar, own grill and smokery, milk vending machine

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